Sophie Schulte

Born 1991 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Currenlty based in Den Haag (NL)


Selected Shows and Performances

2016-2018  BA Fine Arts (Graduated)    Royal Academy of Art - Autonoom     (Den Haag, NL)

2016    Erasmus Exchange  Central Saint Martins    (London, UK)

2013-2016  BA Fine Arts    Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, NL)


Growing up in the ’90ies in the midst of the third wave of feminism, accompanied by girl power, I have always had a strong feeling of fairness and equality. As a child I wanted to contribute to this by joining Green Peace and chain myself to an oil tanker, or going into politics to become the first female prime minister of the Netherlands. Now, my work revolves around stirring issues I encounter in life: decaying bodies, boyfriends far far away, and cry worthy political developments which make me want to cry, but make me sing. Enlarging these issues till they translate into (often uncanny) scenes, gives the opportunity to understand, question and criticize them. As a believer in that the personal is political, my work is a display of our contemporary world and society – although at times a quite alienating one.

2018 Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag (NL) 2017  Nokia’s Tag Line Mooof, Den Haag (NL) 2017  Turn left on Supernova, De Besturing, Den Haag (NL) 2017 It’s Sort of a Thing, KABK Gallery, Den Haag (NL) 2016  140 Fingers, The Old Police Station, London (UK) 2016  The Last Night of Tynemouth, Tynemouth House, London (UK) 2016 Do Disturb Palais de Tokio, Paris (FR) 2015  Zonder Schroom i.c.w. Femme Demmenie, Antwerpen (BE) 2015  Smog Free Party i.c.w. Laila van Berge, Studio Roosegaarde, Rotterdam (NL) 2015  Wording Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL) 2015  Winterwolven Radicals i.c.w. Laila van Berge, Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) 2014      Locatie in Transitie Schie 50, Schiedam (NL) 2014  Vertigo i.c.w. Laila van Berge, B.A.D., Rotterdam (NL) 2014  PAEkort #12 Wolfart Projectspace, Rotterdam (NL) 2011  Hapklare Brokken initiated together with Femme Demmenie, Amsterdam Roest, Amsterdam (NL) 2011  Nuit Blanche Amsterdam i.c.w. Alissa Nicolaï, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) 2010  Потерянная Душа / The Lost Soul i.c.w. Alissa Nicolaï, Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam (NL) 2010   Slave i.c.w. Alissa Nicolaï, Supperclub, Amsterdam (NL)